Produced to the highest quality standards, each hair-on rug is hand assembled with 10" squares zig-zag stitched with high performance thread, and reinforced with a protective backing. All rugs pictured on HLRugs are available for immediate delivery.


Average Hide Size4' x 6' 1.23 x 1.8 m
5' x 7' 1.52 x 2.13 m
6' x 8' 1.83 x 2.43 m
8' x 10' 2.43 x 3.05 m

Performance Characteristics

Light Fastness (AATCC Method 16, Option E)n/a
Tear Strength (ASTM D4705)n/a
Flexing Endurance (ASTM D2097)
Abrasion (ASTM D3884)
Elongation (ASTM D2211)n/a
Crocking (ASTM D5053)
Breaking Force (ASTM D2208)n/a


Boston Fire Dept. Code (BFD 1x1) w/Fire Blocker and or Fire Barrier ClothPass
California Technical Bulletin 117Pass
Cigarette Ignition Resistance (NFPA 260)Class 1
California Technical Bulletin 133 w/Fire Blocker and/or Fire Barrier ClothPass

Cleaning Instructions

Cowhide rugs are resilient by nature and perform well in daily use; even in high
traffic areas. Our hair-on-hides are naturally stain resistant. Most liquid spills
will remain on the surface long enough to be removed with a damp sponge
before any liquid can penetrate the epidermal back. Periodic vacuuming on
a medium setting will remove most dirt or debris


Available Patterns